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What merchandise item would you like to see us add?
What merchandise item would you like to see us add?
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  • In a NY State of Mind
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    So I am heading back to Florida after a great weekend with Jason, Vio, Bill Coon, and the rest of the gang from Long Island. Without a doubt, this event is one of my favorites. While it is not the biggest of qualifiers, the Roadrunners and Black Ice are like family! We see them a ton throughout the year, as they are our biggest supporters, but there is something unique about being at their home rink. The atmosphere is always entertaining with Mrs. Mula, the DellaMorte’s, Mr. Schiavo(special t
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    The schedule for this weekend's qualifier at Rapid Fire Arena on Long Island has been posted.  You can view by clicking here, or by visiting the Schedule & Results tab on our homepage.  You can also track live scores throughout the weekend on this page as well. We are looking forward to another fun-filled weekend with Jason, Vio, and the gang from New York. For those teams traveling in, please arrive safely.
  • As night falls in the north...
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    Ok ok...I'm sure the title sounded like you were reading a romance novel.  But I just spent exactly twelve minutes trying to come up with a title for this blog and....NOTHING!  I was even going to try to make a play on words like, "Cana-DUH we're coming to Taylor!" And then I thought how corny and brutal that was and the lashing I would probably take for it and I came up with the current title.  So, no, you're not going to read about the Canadian breeze passing over my bald head or the moon s
  • Oh, Canada!
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    Good morning from Oakville, Ontario, Canada!  This weekend we are at the Oakville Arena where there is some major hype about Nationals.  It's an easy trek for Canadian teams to Taylor, MI and mostly every team in this tournament plans to make that trip; thats ALWAYS good news. Left work, got thru customs and we pulled in ready to start the tourney with two regulars!  Rob Morgan and Phil Nolan have their Halton Alkali Coyotes and Mississauga Mission Rattler organizations, respectively, going s


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